Near Stamford, CT? Find a Reliable Car Service


Stamford, CT and its surrounding locales in Fairfield County and beyond (from Norwalk, to Bridgeport, to Danbury or even New York City) offer a number of different car service and limo service options for locals to choose from. Stamford is a beautiful place to live and work -- and is home to many top-level executives and private schools who are accustomed to a high level of service. This city alone is home to four Fortune 500 companies, the prestigious King School, Stamford Hospital, and multiple college campuses.

Whether you need car service for a VIP, getting your child to and from school safely, or a special event -- don’t go with the first car service you find on Yelp: be sure to dig a little deeper and narrow down a list of providers in Stamford and beyond. Do your homework now, and you can set yourself up for success in finding a reliable car service for your VIP that gets everyone from point A to point B on time, safely, and in style.

Below are sure-fire tips for identifying the right car service right here in Stamford -- and some pitfalls to avoid.

Find a Reliable Car Service in Stamford: Reviews Matter

Review websites such as Yelp and Angie’s list give you a bird’s eye view of what is really going on under the hood at a car service (pun intended). Check out Yelp, read Angie’s List, TrustPilot -- and even Facebook. Don’t just read the positive reviews -- most businesses will have at least one or two not-so-glowing reviews: what happened and how did the car service attempt to resolve it?

Find a Reliable Car Service in Stamford: Experience Matters

Whether you’re booking a car service for yourself or for the company’s CEO, you don’t want to be anyone’s Guinea pig. Before you book a car service, be sure you choose one that is there, and has been there, for the long haul. Experience matters when it comes to the logistics of ensuring the car (or cars) are there every single time. If you want to ensure your transport needs go off without a hitch, you need to find the car service with the most experience (whether you’re looking for the Stamford area or beyond).

Find a Reliable Car Service in Stamford: Fleet Matters

In the Stamford area, there are certain types of accommodations most car services should provide. The provider you end up choosing should, ideally, offer a type of vehicle to fit your needs: sedans, limos, vans, shuttle buses, and so on. If you are booking transportation for a corporate event, for example, you don’t want to choose a provider that can’t offer you an appropriately sized vehicle and end up with people waiting around or worse yet....calling Uber on their own and fuming about it.

Find a Reliable Car Service in Stamford: Safety Matters

Safety may not, at first glance, seem as important as having an on-time and sleek car to pick up your VIP -- but when it comes to getting that person from point A to point B, it’s a top concern. Find out if the vehicles have valid certifications, offer liability insurance, are they DOT inspected -- and, of course, are their chauffeurs trained and if so, how vigorously?

Bottomline? Stamford is a beautiful place to live and work -- and as a local, you have options when it comes to finding a car service provider that is reliable, safe, professional, trusted by your community, on-time, and experienced. If you need a Stamford-area car service provider, LSW Chauffeured Transportation may be the right choice for you. Our chauffeurs (every single one of them) are fully trained, undergo extensive background checks, are always impeccably styled -- as is our fleet. Book a ride, ask us a question, or give us a call (or text) here: 1-914-592-8534.

JoHannah Ash