Stamford, CT: Guide to Local Transportation

stamford,ct transportation options.png

Stamford, CT is centrally located between many major cities in the Northeast: for many, it is an easy commute to and from New York City (under 45 minutes via train). Stamford is home to three different train stations; the Stamford Transportation Center is home to numerous transportation businesses including Metro-North, Amtrak, Greyhound, CT Transit, and Peter Pan. The numbers show that this is a popular transportation center: over 8.4 million riders were counted in 2016 alone. After Grand Central, the Stamford station is the busiest station in the entire Metro-North Railroad network.

While 60% of employees in Stamford end up commuting fewer than 25 minutes to their jobs each day, numerous residents still make the trek to New York City. 84 trains, both express and local, depart from Stamford en route to New York City each day; an equal number of trains arrive in Stamford each day.

For bus transportation, CT Transit offers service for 18 routes in the area, with local transit to Norwalk, Greenwich, Darien, Port Chester and an express service to White Plains. Some employers may offer private corporate bus and limo shuttles to make commuting between Stamford offices and the transportation center a bit easier.

Public transportation, from trains to buses, are a popular choice for local residents, however, most commuters prefer to drive their own cars in and out due to the flexibility and not needing to adhere to a set schedule. For this, 1-95 and Merritt Parkway are easy choices -- although traffic is always a variable. Stamford’s car and limo services are also a popular choice for executives who need to work while in transit.

Beyond just commuting to and from work, Stamford is surrounded by several airports, including LaGuardia, JFK, and Westchester County. Though taking a train to the airport, or even a bus, is always an option, local car and limo services can offer door-to-door airport transportation from Stamford to any of the surrounding airports -- a limo service such as this is often more timely than public transportation can be due to the nature of just how many people public transit aims to serve each day.

Stamford, and the surrounding area, is home to numerous elite private schools across all grade levels. Public school transportation is provided, however most private schools in the area do not offer busing as a standard: local car and limo services such as LSW offer private transportation options to Stamford parents.

If public transportation options does not work for you, a private car service can pick up the slack. LSW has been in the business of getting VIP guests from point a to point b in style and safely for over 40 years: we’re proud to be a family business that’s headed by a concerned mom who understands that Uber and Lyft are not, and should not be, the transit of choice for professionals and families today.

Melissa Thornton